Mice / Rat Removal Services

Mice and rats are one of the most common pests found around the globe.

Mice / Rat Removal Services

Mice and rats are one of the most common pests found around the globe. This is because of their adaptability and prolific breeding cycles. Our integrated approach to rodent control reduces population sizes and keeps rodents out through exclusion (repairs). Our technicians are NWCOA Rodent Standards Certified, and our exclusion holds a 2-year warranty.


Rodent control takes time and pressure. We make a custom treatment plan that fits your needs. We track rodent activity each visit, so as the problem resolves we can space out treatments to save you money.


Mice can squeeze into gaps as small as 1/4-inch. Our rodent control solutions include sealing and repairing all entry points. This prevents rodents from entering through small gaps around the foundation.


Mice and rats are quite intelligent and won't be fooled twice. If you are struggling with DIY rodent control, call our team of professionals to identify high traffic routes and take an integrated approach to rodent control.

Mice Facts

Rodents are found on every continent

Mice and rats are found on every continent except Antarctica. As humans explored the globe, rodents stowed away on boats.

A group of rats is called a mischief

Perhaps aptly named. A group of rats may also be referred to as a pack, plague, colony, or swarm.

Rats are great swimmers

Rats are great swimmers, and they can hold their breath for several minutes. While some species are better swimmers than others, rats can swim or wade in the water for up to three days!

More on mice / rat removal

A female mouse can have up to 10 litters a year and a rat can produce up to 12 litters. This means that by the time you notice a rodent presence within your home, chances are the colony has already become well-established.

Mice and rats can pose a major health risk and are known to spread more than 35 diseases. This can be spread to humans directly by handling live or dead rodents, or through contact with rodent urine, feces, or saliva. Proper PPE is necessary when performing rodent control or sanitizing affected spaces.

Mice and rat problems can occur in any home, particularly when construction is being done to the exterior. While there is no way to truly eliminate all rodents from a property, proper rodent control treatments will significantly reduce the population. This will prevent contact or contamination from rodents in your home.

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