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Remove Bats using Ridge-Guard

It’s bat season, which means that from August through mid-October, Vanguard can provide bat removal and exclusion to safely evict bats from homes.Bats are federally protected and they return to their maternity colony site year after year in the late spring.The Little Brown Batfrequently uses man-made structures, such as attics, to raise their young. During this time, the pups are too young to leave the roost and would be trapped inside if bat removal was done.Now that the pups have grown up, Vanguard can safely evict the roosting colony by installing one-way valves and by sealing up all voids an eighth-inch or greater.


For homeowners with warped ridge vents on the roof, we recommend installingRidgeGuardto keep bats and rodents out of the home, while still allowing attic ventilation.PreviousNextThe photos above are from a Victorian home in East Providence, RI, where we installed RidgeGuard to four peaks. The vents were warped leaving large gaps for unwanted critters. We completed the full exclusion and installed several valves around the home to evict the bats.The photos below are from another RidgeGuard installation in Providence, RI. Older homes are more susceptible to bat damage because areas around the roof and exterior can warp over time.PreviousNextAll of our exclusion has a 2-year warranty. For homeowners that are concerned with the diseases thatbatsmay carry, Vanguard also offers attic cleanups to remove and sanitize any bat guano left in the attic.To learn more about our bat removal solutions and cleanups,Contact our Teamto schedule an inspection today.

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