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Spring Has Sprung! And So Have Wildlife Problems

Spring has sprung! As the snow starts to melt, flowers begin to bloom, and homeowners begin to dust off their patio furniture, many animals also begin bustling. Early spring is the the breeding season for many animals, especially those that give birth to two litters a year. This includes raccoons, squirrels, moles, and skunks, which can pose as nuisance pests for many homeowners.

When an animal such as a squirrel or raccoon prepares to give birth, they will find or create a den. In urban environments, wildlife will often hole up in attics, chimneys, or under decks and crawlspaces. At this time, customers may hear rustling and screeching, particularly at night or dusk (depending on if the species).  Nuisance wildlife can cause significant damage to a property. Many animals will damage the exterior by chewing entry points. When an animal creates a den in an attic, they will often tear up the insulation and their feces can be very dangerous if come into contact with, whether directly or inhaled.  

So they’re in your home, what do you do now?

Animal trapping is not as straightforward as it may seem. Many pests are actually quite intelligent, so if they thwart a trap once, they will make sure not to make the same mistake again. Raccoons in particular can be very aggressive and can carry several bacterial diseases and parasites that can affect humans and pets.

It is also important to seal up the entry points around the structure to avoid further wildlife encounters. This must be done strategically, leaving the most active areas of entry open (with traps or bat valves at the entrance). This will keep the animal from chewing out through another area or worse yet, dying inside the structure where it will smell.  Once the infestation has been contained, the affected areas will require sanitation to mitigate the chances of contracting any diseases. Our technicians wear full personal protective equipment (PPEs), such as Tyvek suits and respirators when we do cleanups. We also follow a specific protocol to keep debris out of the living spaces of the home. Due to the dangers of handling nuisance wildlife, it is recommended that it is done by a trained professional. Our technicians at Vanguard Wildlife can identify and remove nuisance pests, as well as provide exclusion and abatement services. Additionally, we can install products such as chimney caps, vent covers, plumbing caps, Ridge Guard, and gutter locks. These can not only keep nuisance wildlife out, but will also add value to the home.



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